About Forrest Yoga Handstand365

Ana Forrest Straddle HandstandPart of Walking in Beauty is to have fun, to feel empowered and be OK with facing your fears. The Forrest Yoga 365 day handstand challenge will do just that!

Join us — do a handstand, forearm balance, down dog at the wall or dolphin at the wall every day for a year (basically, an inversion that takes you to your edge!) and report back to us about your journey.

Get playful upside down, change your perspective! Email us your photos and stories — we’ll post here or on Facebook. You can post via instagram with the #FYhandstand365 tag. Share your journey and inspire others.

The 365 day Forrest Yoga Handstand challenge will brighten up the next 365 days! You can start whenever you like too — it’s never too late!. 

Get playful upside down, change your perspective! AND if you can’t make it to Wind Horse 2013 this year, you can still feel part of the tribe with this challenge!
Send your pictures and stories and we’ll post them.
PS We don’t do headstands much in Forrest Yoga, so for this challenge, stick to hand or forearm inversions… get creative with them!

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