Handstand Straddle with Willow Ryan

Forrest Yoga Guardian, Willow Ryan breaks down handstand straddle using the scientific method…. read the full article on Breaking Muscle

Enjoy! 🙂


Brightening up

Yay!!!I started 16 days ago, this is day 16.  I’m happy that as the sunlight is dimming into winter, I’ll be brightening up through handstands and forearm inversions!

Alison Hammond Castro 🙂

Formerly from California–for 40 years–now living in West Chester, PA


Face your fears

Ewan Manson: Day 41

So 40 days ago I honestly couldn’t really handstand away from the wall. I had a total mental block about challenging gravity. This morning when I took this picture I knew that the fear that had once been inside me has now gone and it has been replaced with a sense of playfulness. Face your fears. Live your dreams. Nothing in life is what it seems.

Ewan Manson, Forrest Yoga Student, Dundee

Just like perfection….


Day 27 of 365

Heart opening at the wall. My little perfectionist is being triggered with this challenge. Some days are a struggle to not want to be seen while other days I’m quite happy to be an exhibitionist! Feeling more like hiding today…thus the heart opening to welcome in some space for imperfection. I really should have taken this pic in my messiest room in the house!


Skye, Forrest Yoga Teacher, WA


Global handstand play.

This is me, Alyx Kottmeier
Im a gypsy. I Love my yoga reading and being creative , I LOVE HANDSTANDS all kinds in all places 

Victoria Keen told me about you and your challenge. I have dyslexia and moving like the wind makes me feel at home, its my play.

Here is my bio. My Yoga journey started when I walked into Yoga Pod in Vancouver at 20 years old, but my first TTC didn’t come till 2006. For the last 13 years I’ve developed such a strong relationship with asanas that I truly believe Yoga has been in me for many lives.

In my Teaching, Jnana, Bhakti, Raja, and Karma Yoga are my foundations. I teach Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Hatha and the beautiful essence of Yoga Nidra.

Along with yoga, I find my passions in traveling the globe, making Jewelery ,and running my own on line magazine ..hipptrip.com

I feel truly grateful for my teachers and students that continue to to inspire me…

I send you love light , laughter blue berries and chai. Ana, you inspire me in many ways. I shall put you in My Ganesh box and one day hopefully some of your light will gracefully fall open me xoxoxox

Here are my pics of handstands 



Thank you Victoria Keen for introducing Alyx to us — We’re looking forward to seeing you and your yoga pants in Tacoma for Wind Horse 2013! 🙂

Freedom to play

hi, my name is tristan, I’m 22 years old, currently living in northern norway.
Yesterday was norway’s national day, and was celebrated to the maximum, starting the day with suns, then slack lining, playing on trampolines, eating steak and raw vegetables on the BBQ with my friends, and swimming in the ocean. Truly i have just played all day. I’m starting to come to terms with my greatest ambition – freedom to play in every day.
be free ❤
Forrest Yoga Handstand challenge for Wind Horse Forrest Yoga weekend conference June 2013.