Arms are the new legs.

Forrest Yoga Guardian Catherine Allen is just as happy on her hands as on her feet! 🙂

Forrest Yoga Guardian, Catherine Allen getting involved in the handstand challenge for WInd Horse the Forrest Yoga weekend conference

See more of Catherine’s Forrest Yoga handstand action


Welcome to the challenge!

This is the Forrest Yoga 365 day Handstand challenge.

Brighten up the next 365 days!…. Join our Wind Horse challenge. Do a handstand, down dog at the wall, forearm balance or dolphin at the wall every day for a year and report back to us about your journey.
Get playful upside down, change your perspective! AND if you can’t make it to Wind Horse this year, you can still feel part of the tribe with this challenge!
Send your pictures and stories and we’ll post them.After your playful inversion, maybe SIGN UP for Wind Horse!
Check out all the amazing classes led by Ana and the Forrest Yoga Guardians! to the Forrest Yoga official Facebook page